To compete in any stake or championship class, entry must have shown in a qualifying class for that section.

To compete in any stake or championship class, entry must have shown in a qualifying class for that section.

Five-Gaited Section
22. ASB Five Gaited Junior/Limit Th pm $30.00
32  ASB Five Gaited Amateur Th pm $30.00
67  ASB Five Gaited Open Fr pm $30.00
89.  ASB $400 Five Gaited Jackpot Stake Sat PM $60
Three-Gaited Section
2.  ASB Three Gaited Junior/Limit Th am $30
26. ASB Three Gaited Open Th pm $30
29. ASB Three Gaited Amateur Th pm $30
85. ASB $300Three Gaited Jackpot Stake Sat PM $50

Fine Harness
15. ASB Fine Harness Open Th pm $30
8.  ASB Fine Harness Junior/Limit  Th am $30
 83.  ASB $300 Fine Harness Jackpot Stake - Sat pm  $50

Park Section
24.  ASB Park Open Th pm $30
19.  ASB Park Amateur Th pm $30
79. $300 ASB Park Jackpot Stake Sat pm $50

Park Pleasure
Horses entered in this section are ineligible to compete in any other classes in the Saddlebred Division of this show.
5.  ASB Park Pleasure Junior/Limit Horse Th am $30
10.  ASB Park Pleasure Open Th am $30
12a.  ASB Park Pleasure 3 Year Old Th am $30
75. $200 Park Pleasure Stake- Sat p.m. $35.00

Five Gaited Show Pleasure
27. ASB Five Gaited Show Pleasure Th pm $30.00
57. ASB Five Gaited Show Pleasure Limit Rider Fr pm $30.00
87. $150 Five Gaited Show Pleasure Stake - Sat p.m. $30.00

Three Gaited Show Pleasure
17.  ASB Show Pleasure Adult Th pm $30
63.  ASB Show Pleasure Jr Exhibitor Fr pm $30
37.  ASB Show Pleasure Limit Rider Fr am $30
40. ASB Show Pleasure Limit/Jr Horse Fr am $30
70. $150 Three Gaited Show Pleasure Stake .Sat p.m. $30.00

Show Pleasure Driving
11.  ASB Show Pleasure Driving Th am $30
55. $150 Show Pleasure Driving Stake -.Fri p.m. Entry Fee:  $30.00

Three Gaited English Country Pleasure
3. ASB English Country Pleasure Adult Th am $30
31.  ASB English Country Pleasure Junior Exhibitor Th pm $30
45.  ASB English Country Pleasure Limit Rider Fr am $30
76.  $150 English Country Pleasure Stake - Sat p.m.  $30.00 

Country Pleasure Driving
1.  ASB Country Pleasure Driving Th am $30
43.  $150 Country Pleasure Driving Stake - Fri am.  $30.00
Hunter Country Pleasure
7.  ASB Saddle & Bridle’s Hunter Country Pleasure Th am $30
49.  ASB Hunter Country Pleasure Fr am $30
73.  $150 Hunter Country Pleasure Stake - Sat p.m.   $30.00

Western Country Pleasure
14. Saddle & Bridle’s William Shatner Western Country Pleasure Th am $30
64.  ASB Country Western Pleasure Fr pm $30
82.  $150 Western Country Pleasure Stake -.Sat p.m.   $30.00

Miscellaneous Saddlebred Section
52.  ASB Two Year Old Under Saddle - Walk/Trot Only - To be shown with a flat saddle at the walk and trot only, both ways of the ring.  Martingale use is permitted.  Friday PM - $30.00 

65.  NCHS Three Year Old Sweepstakes - Open to any division three year old saddle bred under saddle.  To be shown under flat saddle at flat walk, trot and canter both ways of the arena.  To be judged on quality, performance, conformation and manners.  SADDLES TO BE REMOVED FOR JUDGING CONFORMATION.    Fri PM - $100.00 Entry Fee if sent with pre-entries.  Post entry of $150.00.


In order to compete in a stake class, entry must have shown in a  qualifying class for that section.

 Hackney Pony Section
23.  Hackney Pony Open Th pm $30
66. $150 Hackney Pony Stake  .Fri p.m.  $30

Hackney/Harness Pony Section
13.  Harness Pony Open .Th AM  $30.00
61.  $150 Hackney/Harness Pony Stake—Fri p.m.   $30

Hackney Roadster Pony Section
25.  AHHS Road Pony Medallion Th pm $30
30.  Hackney Road Pony Open Th pm $30
38.  AHHS Road Pony Under Saddle Fr am $30
81.  $150 Hackney Road Pony Stake  Sat p.m.  $30

Hackney Pleasure Pony Section
4.  Hackney Pleasure Pony Open Th am $30
18.  AHHS Hackney Pleasure Pony  Th pm $30
58.  AHHS Hackney Pleasure Pony Under Saddle Fr pm $30
86.  $150 Hackney Pleasure Pony Stake  Sat p.m. $30

28.  Road Horse  to Bike  Thurs pm  $30
60.  Road Horse Under Saddle  Fri pm  $30
88. Roadster to Bike Stake  Sat pm  $30 (Must have shown in class 28)


Judging and show specifications for this division please refer to USEF Chapters EQ 115—119

16. Saddle & Bridle’s Pleasure Medallion Th pm $30
21.  The Good Hands Th pm $30
41.  Saddle Seat Equitation 17 & Under Fr am $30
44.  UPHA Pleasure Challenge Cup 17 & Under Fr am $30
50.  MHSA Junior Medallion Fr am $30
56.  UPHA Challenge Cup 17 & Under Fr pm $30
59.  Saddle Seat Pleasure Equitation 17 & Under Fr pm $30
33.  UPHA Challenge Cup 10 & Under Walk/Trot Fr am $30
48.  UPHA Challenge Cup Adult Fr am $30
72.  Saddle Seat Equitation Championship - Must have shown in a previous walk/trot/ canter equitation class.  Sat pm   $30
68.  Saddle Seat Walk/Trot 10 & Under Championship.  Must have shown in class 33.  Sat PM $30 77.  Saddle Seat Pleasure Equitation Championship.  Must have shown in a previous pleasure equitation class.  Sat pm $30


Morgan English Pleasure
34.  Morgan English Pleasure Open Fri AM $30
46.  Morgan English Pleasure Amateur Fri AM $30
84. $150 Morgan English Pleasure Stake Sat PM $30(Must have shown in class 34 or 46)
Morgan Pleasure Driving
53.  Morgan Pleasure Driving Open Fr pm $30
74.  $150 Morgan Pleas Driving Stake Sat pm $30 (Must have shown in class 53)

Morgan Hunter Pleasure
9.  Morgan Hunter Pleasure Th am $30
39. $150 Morgan Hunter Plea Stake Fri am $30 (Must have shown in class 9)

Morgan Western Pleasure
62.  Morgan Western Pleasure Fr pm $30
71.  $150 Morgan Western Plea Stake Sat pm $30 (Must have shown in class 62)

OPEN CLASSES—Open to any breed of horse To be shown at a flat walk, trot and canter (unless otherwise noted or driving class).  Judged on manners, performance, and suitability as a pleasure mount.

42. Open Model - Fri AM $30 20. Open W/T Pleasure 12 & Under Th pm $30
54.  Open Pleasure Walk/Trot 12-and-Under Stake (must have shown in class 20)  Fr pm $30
6.  Open English Pleasure Saddle Seat Th am  $30 35.  Open English Pleasure Junior/Limit Horse Fr am $30
78.  $150 Open English Pleasure Saddle Seat Stake - Sat p.m.  $30 (Must have shown in class 6 or 35)
36.  Open Hunter Pleasure  Fr am    $30 80.  $150 Open Hunter Pleasure Stake Sat p.m.   $30 (Must have shown in class 36)
12.  Open Western Pleasure  Th a.m.  $30 51.  $150 Open Western Pleasure  Stake Sat pm $30 (Must have shown in class 12)
47.  Open Pleasure Driving - To be shown in a two-wheel pleasure buggy at a walk and trot both ways of the ring and to back in the lineup.  Th am $30
69.  $150 Open Pleasure Driving Stake Sat pm $30 (Must have shown in class 47)

ACADEMY CLASSES 9:00 a.m. Saturday, June 3, 2017

Only the rider and not the horse to be judged.  A rider is no longer eligible for academy competition if he/she has shown in a riding suit in any regular horse show class.  Academy horses must be school horses regularly used in a lesson program.  English saddleseat style only permitted.  Riding attire to consist of jods, long sleeve shirts, tie, sweater, sweater vest or fitted vest.  No coats or derbies.  Protective helmets are required for riders 17 and under.  Classes to be limited to six entries; Nebraska Charity Horse Show, Inc. reserves the right to split and/or combine classes.  Entries must be made by 2 p.m. Friday in order to make class splits, if necessary.  Splits will be determined by Friday at 6:00 p.m.  Ages of riders will be considered in determining splits.  Any rider showing in this Division is not eligible to show in any other division at this horse show.

A1.  Dog Costume Class  - Sat AM No entry fee just report to the arena.
A2.  Lead Line Class  - Open to Riders 8 and under (Riders not eligible for any other class in academy division.
A3.  Acad Driving  - Trainer/assistant allowed in cart with academy driver.
A4.  Acad Walk/Trot/Canter 18 & over Equitation
A5.  Acad Walk/Trot/Canter 18 & over Showmanship
A6.  Acad Walk/Trot/Canter 17 & under Equitation
A7.  Acad Walk/Trot/Canter 17 & under Showmanship
A8.  Acad Walk/Trot 18 & over Equitation
A9.  Acad Walk/Trot 18 & over Showmanship
A10.  Acad Walk/Trot 11-17 Equitation
A11.  Acad Walk/Trot 11-17 Showmanship
A12.  Acad Walk/Trot 10 & under Equitation
A13.  Acad Walk/Trot 10 & under Showmanship
A14.  Acad Walk/Trot 8 Under Leadline                  


A15.  Acad Walk/Trot/Canter Jr Equitation Championship w/pattern. 
A16.  Acad Walk/Trot/Canter Sr Equitation Championship w/pattern.  
A17.  Acad Walk/Trot Jr. Equitation Championship w/pattern. 
A18.  Acad Walk/Trot Sr Equitation Championship w/pattern.  




June 1, 2, & 3, 2017